Wellness Workshops

I have been providing training, workshops and therapeutic groups for over 15 years in various settings.  I have presented at numerous Provincial and National Conferences, and have provided mental health and mindfulness training locally and overseas, including wellness training in corporate settings.

I provide engaging, evidence-based information on mindfulness, self-compassion, stress management, self-care, and general mental health and wellness. I can address specific issues such as sleep and insomnia, strategies for managing anxiety, impostor syndrome and ways to support friends/family/colleagues with mental health issues. A particular need organizations now recognize is how to help employees find work-life balance, and “unplug”.  I can provide short one-hour presentations to full day events, based on the needs of your organization.

In-the-moment experiences and practice are important, and using the wisdom and support of all participants may be a significant part of the process.  I aim to understand the concerns and issues currently within an organization, and align content and style with these needs. I recognize that time is precious, and think it is essential to provide evidence-based information via engaging training in an efficient and timely manner.

To speak more specifically about the needs of your organization and to discuss fee structure, please contact me directly.