Apps  (*there may be fees)

  • Stop, Breathe, Think
  • Headspace
  • Mindshift
  • Calm
  • Waking Up with Sam Harris


  • Full Catastrophe Living – Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Mind over Mood – Dennis Greenberger and Christine Padesky
  • The Feeling Good Book – David Burns
  • Radical Acceptance – Tara Brach
  • Anxiety and Phobia Workbook – Edmund Bourne
  • The Mindful Way Workbook: An 8-Week Program to Free Yourself from Depression and Emotional Distress – John Teasdale, Mark Williams, Zindel Segal
  • Why we sleep – Matthew Walker
  • The Nature Fix – Florence Williams
  • The Power of Positive Parenting: Transforming the Lives of Children, Parents, and Communities Using the Triple P System – Edited by Matthew R. Sanders and Trevor G. Mazzucchelli


  • Sam Harris, Making Sense
  • The Tim Ferris Show
  • The Rich Roll Podcast
  • Peter Attia, The Drive
  • The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish
  • Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel